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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene

Healing Crystals-Myth or Magic

amethyst geode

So, you're wondering if there's anything to this "healing with crystals"?.....    

Read on...


Some of you would like to think that there's something magical to all this talk about healing with crystals. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you but there's nothing magical, mystical, spooky or occult about it.


Nor is it a myth. Many people would like to dismiss the possibility of our lives being affected by crystals and minerals but again, I'm sorry to disappoint you.....not so! 


I won't get technical nor will I get scientific but there's a very plain and simple reality here that oftentimes gets overlooked. Crystals and minerals exist for us on the physical plane. That is, they exist in form. They have form. They're created from atoms and molecules. Atoms and molecules are.........surprise..........ENERGY!! Each crystal has its own unique molecular makeup, meaning that it has its own energy pattern. Everything in life vibrates with it's own energy. Again, nothing mystical, nothing magical. Simple physics.


And everything created from energy has its own electrical field...sometimes reaching out further than the form itself. Have you ever wondered why your hands can feel the vibration of something when you're not actually touching it. Well, you ARE touching its electrical field.


Well, the same holds true for crystals and minerals. They possess their own unique field of energy. Those of us more attuned can feel the energy eminating from these creations of Mother Nature. And those of us that are attuned to these energies have learned over the centuries how to utilize the energies to our benefit. Take herbs, for example. Thousands of years ago they were 'just plants'. Over the centuries, man has learned that some herbs work better for some ailments while others work better for others. And some combinations of herbs are even more effective than the single herb itself.


The same holds true for crystals and minerals. Over the centuries, we've come to learn that amethyst, for example, works wonders for spiritual healing. It also plays a huge role in helping one to achieve a state of contentment in meditation. Thousands of years ago it was used to promote sobriety. Rose quartz has it's own special energies, yet combined with amethyst, they create an energy, an effect, unique to the two energies.  If one enerty is blue and one is yellow, the combined energy is green. If one energy is hot and the other cold, the combined erergy is cool....or warm. Pretty simple, eh?


Ever wonder why bracelets to alleviate arthritic pain are made from copper? You'll have to click on the Crystal Energies button on my Main Menu to find out the specifics. You can hold a ball of copper or even a copper nugget in your hand to achieve the same results. miracle....just a simple reality!


So, before you dismiss the possilbility that there's nothing you can get from crystals and minerals, give it a shot. Try it out for yourself. What have you got to lose.

In reality, you have an entire kingdom of Nature to gain!!

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