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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene


Cut in a similar pattern as the Vogel Crystal, these 12 sided, double terminated points represent the style used by Vogel. The following is a brief introduction to his work:Originally created by Marcel Vogel, these crystals are representative of the Cabalistic Tree of Life, an image seen in one of his meditations.

The original crystals were cut so that the base inner angle is tuned at 51 degrees, the same angle as the Great Pyramid in Egypt. These crystals also produce a constant, vibratory "note", coincidentally, the same as water in its purest state. Energy flows from the larger end to the smaller end and the crystal can be used to draw energy as well as push and direct it. The higher number of facets, >12, affect the upper chakras while the lesser number of facets affect the lower chakras.

They are very powerful and easily versatile when used to move energy through intention.



Smokey Quartz
1.0" x 2.2"



Smokey Quartz
1.0" x 2.7"





Smokey Quartz
0.8" x 2.3"




Clear Quartz
0.7" x 2.1"




Clear Quartz
0.7" x 2.5"
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