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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene

Selenite Sculpture & Light Box

Selenite Sculpture with Light Box



These one-of-a-kind selenite scultures remind me of little castles on a hill top.  Not one of them is the same as is with all of Nature. Each sculpture comes with a light box pictured below.

The light box is 1.2" x 3.2". The run on 3-AA batteries and have 3 bulbs that create random combinations of color that will continually amaze you.  The photo below is a representative photo of what one item looks like lit up atop the lightbox.

They are $20 each plus shipping ($4.75) for

USPS, Priority Mail with FREE Delivery Confirmation.

**Email me if you're interest in more than one for a better price!

Selenitte Sculpture on Light Box


Click on each photo below to see a larger image with better details.

Measurements and weights do not include the lightbox.



 2.1" X 3.9",  293 grams





1.8" X 3.9",  265 grams




2.0" X 4.0",  232 grams




2.0" X 3.8",  278 grams





1.9" X 3.9",  254 grams






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