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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene


Dioptase is a relatively rare  mineral only found in a few localities around the world. The most beautiful from  Tsumeb, Namibia.   It is one of the best healing stones of our age.  

This mineral can be used to both clear and stimulate ALL chakras to the higher level of awareness and action, bringing an invigoration and refreshing energy to the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies. It further instills a clarity of connection between the physical body and the perfection of the etheric body. Dioptase brings forth and helps one to understand that the message that “yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow is but a vision and TODAY IS REAL”. 

Living in the moment is the energy of this mineral. It is an excellent stone for furthering spiritual attunement……use of dioptase over the third eye can help one to see the root of the problem and can help one to gain the wisdom to correct  the neglect. It stimulates the memory of past lives and assists one in obtaining attunement to both conscious awareness of these lives and to the inner reality which has been the basis for these lives.

It also “brings to light” hidden forces which one can utilize in attaining that which is required. It assists in the enrichment of ones life, ones environment and ones planet. One can hear the silence of the resonance of the earth with dioptase meditation. Dioptase is also very beneficial in eliminating “lack”.

Along with eliminating oppressive feeling and realization of ones richness, Dioptase  helps one to raise the consciousness such that one may employ the universal energies of awakening. Dioptase is useful in balancing the yin-yang energies and for aligning the chakras with the ethereal plane.

It promotes inner cellular awarness and produces a natural calming energy, relieves pains, eases high blood pressure and  releases stress and tension. It is simple to see why this is one of the most helpful healing minerals our planet has to offer us.

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