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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene


Tourmaline is used to attract inspiration, to diminish fear and encourage self-confidence. It is believed to bring healing powers to the user and provide protection. It is also used to stimulate the balance between the right and left sides of the brain.

Green Tourmaline helps to teach the user the way of “seeing with the heart”. It possesses masculine energy but contains a quality of compassion. It transforms negative energy to a positive state. Green Tourmaline represents life energy and  life force. Excellent for people who work with herbs for healing. Enhances cooperation and healing, especially good at relieving chronic exhaustion, attracting abundance, and expressing creativity.

Pink Tourmaline comes to us from California, South America, Africa and Afghanistan.  Crystal lovers often display an almost instinctual affection for this stone perhaps because is so directly touches the heart! It is the quintessential heart-chakra stone. It is unsurpassed in the mineral kingdom for healing old emotional wounds, particularly those of childhood, It emanates a soft, soothing energy that engenders feelings of comfort, safety and nurturance. Holding this mineral on or about the heart chakra during meditation will infuse the entire emotional body with love and can restore a sense of wholeness!

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