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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene

Lumuriean Seed

It is believed that these crystals are gifts to us from the ancient Lemurian race that left the earth so many aeons ago once the earth became no longer suitable for their needs. Etched within the horizontal striations are records of information, annuls of their history, seeds for which we can utilize to expand our knowledge.

Meditation with these crystals takes on many different forms, from holding in your hand to using a thumb to rub over the striations. Some persons meditate with the crystal over the third eye region of the forehead. They create a wonderful field of light protection and they seem to find a home most appropriate to their needs.

Those more sensitive will notice the "softness" of the energy emitted from these seeds.  Note that in its polished form, it is almost free of inclusions, making it a much sought after addition to any special collection.

The Lemurian Seed crystals are brought to us from the mines in Brazil. Having been extended an opportunity to go into the mines on a tour with Melody, my head spins from the thought of the energy focused within the mines. Although they are often found as individual points, I have had the opportunity to purchase and sell some quite interesting clusters.

Unlike many quartz points, they are not clear but are frosted, often having a hazy appearance. The unique and identifying feature about Lemurian Seeds is that they are marked with horizontal striations and, in some cases, a stair-step pattern. These striations appear along the shaft of the crystals, terminating at a smoother face, anywhere from triangular to channeling, etc.

They are usually pinkish in coloration, having a slight cast that changes with the direction of light. They are also found in a clearer formation but the pinker crystals seem to be the more desired.

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