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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene


Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal with a hardness of 7. It is among the most abundant crystal on the Earth. Quartz’s keywords are; programmability, amplification of one’s intentions, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, healing and memory enhancement.  It’s pretty obvious why quartz has the popularity and attractiveness that it has. It’s name comes from the Greek for “ice” and some of the ancients believe that quartz was water frozen so hard that it could never thaw!

Quartz has both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties; the polarity of the quartz crystal will change when it is either subjected to pressure or heat, as well as when held in the hand. The tip, normally positive and receiving energy, will then change and become negative, thus, emitting energy  which will radiate from the tip or from the edge. These properties support the amplification, focusing, storage, transfer and transformation of energy !!

Quartz is known as the “stone of the mind”.  It is excellent for focusing energies and for focusing direction. Used to help concentrate, quartz is an excellent source of increased mental abilities. Probably the most versatile multi-purpose healing stone. Clear quartz is easy to cleanse, to store information or energy in, and to  program or amplify energy in which to aid healing. It can both draw and send energy. It is used extensively in meditation, spiritual development and healing.  Clear quartz is used to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony and this it is also recognized as the “stone of power”.

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