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"Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain."
~ Vivian Greene

Tibetan Quartz

Found high in the Himalaya Mountains of Tibet and Nepal, Tibetan Quartz is one of the most revered crystals on the plant. Because of the thousands of years of spiritual practice done in that region, producing the enhanced vibration of spiritual attunement,

Tibetan Quartz is on of the most powerful stones of spiritual protection known to mankind at this point in our evolution.  Carrying one of these double terminated pieces is said to create a “bubble of Light” around the body, allowing only positive vibrations to penetrate the auric field. Keeping one or more of these pieces in your living area can purify and clense the area of any negative influences. Carrying the crystal is also said to induce a total centering of the self.

Interestingly enough, the majority of the Tibetan Black Quartz is naturally double-terminated and the black inclusions are, to date, unidentified. Meditation with Tibetan Black Quartz can be most beneficial, especially to those who feel an affinity for Tibetan Buddhism. The stones seem to emanate a silent “OM” at all times and they can be powerful activators for the Third Eye.  They also resonate with the state of silent alertness which is essential to meditation, as they assist one in neither falling asleep or being carried away in a vortex of thoughts.

In addition to its protection and purification properties, Tibetan Black Quartz crystals emanate energies which can activate and balance the chakras and total meridian system.  Combining Tibetan Black Quartz with Moldavite, Lemurian Seeds and Lithium Quartz provide an energy field indescribable with words.  According to Naisha Ahsian, in the Book of Stones, Tibetan Black Quartz brings to the aura an  energy like a flashlight in the dark.

Their frequency acts like a psychic “windo wash”, clearing debris from the energetic field and allowing more Light to fill the aura…letting the aura expand and strengthen, creating a “non-force” field of Light around one’s physical body. This “non-force” field illuminates all that it touches, bringing Light and Consciousness to any environment.

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